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The power of a brand cannot be underestimated, we only have to look at some of the big player out there to see an example of this. Disney is at the top of the pile when it comes to family-friendly content, while Nintendo remains to be one of the most popular video game companies around today.

However, for some businesses, their brand may not be representing them in the right way. This is when a rebrand can be needed, but where do we need to direct our focus when looking to overhaul the image of our company?

Look for The Current Problem

While a rebrand may just seem like an overhaul of a logo, it’s much more. Businesses decide a rebrand is important for a plethora of reasons. For example, if your customers have suffered from a poor experience in the past, then it will be pointless doing a rebrand without resolving this issue.

While customers love good aesthetics, they care about their experience more. As such, it’s vital that the rebrand encompasses all the problems experience in the past and put a fix in place so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Make Plans

Deciding a rebrand can one thing, but taking it forward may not be as simple as first thought. There can be many factors to consider when deciding on a rebrand, and any current customers or subscribers you have will need to be notified to ensure they know what is happening.

Making plans not only allows us to update customers in the right way, but it also gives a clear vision of how long the rebrand will take, and what will be involved. This means that any forks in the road can be dealt with straight away without them affecting the rebrand.

Rebrand Everything

When undertaking a rebrand, it’s easy to assume that it will only involve the logo and the website, but a business needs to ensure that all aspects of its business is updated.

For example, if you still have stationery bearing the old company identity, then this needs to be updated, otherwise you could end up causing some confusion. The same can be said for voicemail greetings and business cards, if the business is going through a rebrand, then everything needs to be updated, not just the aesthetics.

Be Prepared for the Rebrand

A rebrand can mean different things for different businesses, but whatever goals a business has, it has to be ready for the rebrand. This can mean ensuring your customer service representatives are answering the phone in the right manner or ensuring your website has the right kind of hosting plan in place to contend with the many visitors.

If we overlook certain aspects of a rebrand, then it could end up tarnishing the reputation of the new brand, making the whole process somewhat pointless.

Let Social Influencers Know About The Rebrand

The Internet has become the main platform for people to voice their opinion freely. In some instances, this can be detrimental to a business if it’s not living up to expectations. However, if you’re currently going through a rebrand, then social influencers can give you a jumpstart.

Social influencers can range from a Twitter account to a website, but they all share one thing in common, they have an audience who hangs on every word. Even if a social influencer has berated your business in the past, now is a good opportunity to put your case forward as to what improvements have been made and what customers can expect.

You may not get the response you’re looking for in every instance, but as long as you have confidence in what the rebrand can offer, you can swipe away any negativity with well-placed counter arguments.

Highlight What Makes Your Business Different

Although many businesses will share similarities, many will always have something that makes them original. What makes a business original can be anything from the way it handles customer service, to how the business was created.

Pointing out what makes your business different to others gives your brand its own personality, which is more likely to win over potential customers.

Don’t Assume You Must Spend a Fortune

Rebranding is a lot of work, so it stands to reason that it will also involve a lot of money, right? Although there will be some expenditure required, this doesn’t mean that you should pay a small fortune for a rebrand.

One way you could look to save money is by making small changes such as switching web hosting providers, to find some of the best providers check out this list which features the best web hosting rankings You may also want to have a look at this site which is another good hosting resource.

While it’s true that some rebrands can be more expensive than others, you can look for the best value simply by carrying out some research. You may want to look at freelancer sites to see what services are on offer, or even look towards crowdsourcing.

While you should always ensure that the service you use is reputable and reliable, there’s certainly no harm in shopping around.

Allow for Testing Where Applicable

As different companies will decide on a rebrand for different reasons, you may need to ensure that everything is working as it should be before unleashing it to the public. To illustrate this point, you could look towards the company website. There could be an array of new features that have been updated to make life easier for the customer, but it’s important to ensure that these new features work in the right way, and the only way to ascertain this is to carry out some tests.

You could ask current employees and family members, or even look at releasing a beta version of the website to the select view. Whatever route you decide to follow, you need to ensure that the feedback you receive is honest to ensure that everything can be rectified before the official launch.

Some rebrands can be more time-consuming than others, but whatever the extent of the rebrand, it’s important that we don’t take our eye off the ball. When carrying out a rebrand we need to ensure that all factors are considered so that the rebrand has the desired effect.

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