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The whole starving artist stereotype might be romanticised in works of fiction, but few creative individuals ever want to experience that life. Art and design are hugely popular subjects to study but are often believed to be very difficult to turn into a career. However, you can make money online quite easily with your art and design skills.

This goes for artistic skills of any kind, whether it’s traditional painting and drawing or more digitally orientated creative skills like graphic design. Think about it for a moment, websites need designers, don’t they? And businesses often need logo or advertisement designs whether be a simple poster of a more complex pamphlet.

It might not seem obverse at first glance but there’s a huge array of different businesses out there, across whole industries that will need to call upon the services of an artist or graphic designer to get the job done. Artistic skills are more in demand than you might think and they are also very valuable because they aren’t easy to learn.

So, if you have an artistic talent in any medium then using it to make money online could be a lot easier than you think. Whether it’s creating illustrations for a book, comics for a newspaper or simply painting pictures for people to use as personalised gifts there’s a wide range of ways artists can make money online.

Get Your Portfolio Together 

Artistic skills across all mediums are in demand so the next step in your journey to making money online is showing that you have the skills to meet said demand. And how do you do this? It’s a word I’ am sure artists know well your portfolio, now the good news is that I’ am sure most artists reading this have one.

If you don’t then start creating works of art to put in one, they can be simple sketches or elaborate designs it doesn’t really matter just get some examples of your work ready. Your portfolio doesn’t have to be huge a few pieces that show what you’re capable of doing will do the job fine.

Once you’ve got your favourites pieces selected take photographs or scans of them (if possible) so you have digital copies. These are going to be very important for the next step of your journey, if you have a blog or already have a digital portfolio then you can skip this step altogether.

But remember not to neglect your portfolio and constantly add new pieces and switch things around every now and again.

Join Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites such as Peopleperhour, Fiverr and Outsourcely are great for you to get started. You’ll be able to show examples of your work directly on the sites and offer your services and scout for jobs. The competition will be tough at first and you may have to settle for less money than you’d like while you build up your reputation but they are a great platform to make money online.

And if you do a good job you could potentially have a long-term client who will work with you again and again. It takes time to grow on these platforms though (unless you’re really lucky) so don’t expect to make a fortune straight away.

You could also try sites like Etsy or Redbubble which are more art and design focused freelancing sites. The aim with these sites isn’t just to use your artistic talents to make money online but to also build up a stronger online presence. If you have a strong presence online then people might contact you directly for work.

Build Your Own Website

Every artist should have their own website, it gives you a way to display all your work, blog about your interests and network with others without being bound by any restrictions. You can also link your website to any freelancing sites you’re on so it acts as a hub for you to work from. A website will also impress potential clients and is incredibly valuable for networking.

Use Social Media

The influx of social media sites in the last decade have been incredibly valuable for artists of all mediums. Instagram, in particular, is very valuable and artists have been able to amass followers very quickly.

These followers are all potential customers and even if they don’t want to use your services by sharing your work they are bringing your name to a wider audience. It’s networking but without any of the hard work!

Be Patient and Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

They say fortune favours the bold and when it comes to artists that is certainly true, so don’t be afraid to be daring. But remember when it comes to networking and freelancing patience is important, you’re not going to build a reputation as an elite artist overnight.

But if you put the time and effort in you really can make a lot of money online using your artistic talents. And over time you can learn new disciplines and skills to add to your skillset which in turn will bring you, even more, custom and money.

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