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Plenty of big businesses have lavish offices but it Has to be said that tech companies know how to go one step further. Their offices might not be luxurious in the traditional sense and look like plain steel frame buildings from the outside, but they are certainly quirky and it as to be said very cool.

Imaginative and wondrous tech companies from around the world have amazing offices that would be a dream to work in. There’s plenty of amazing offices we could talk about but today we’ve picked out five of the best for you to see.


Found in San Francisco Airbnb’s office is by far one of the most original and exciting, and for added fun, Airbnb based their office on properties listed on their own site. So, Airbnb has celebrated everything their business is about with their own office.

Designed by the architecture firm Gensler the Airbnb office as many amazing features. Amongst them are a treehouse-themed meeting room based on an Airbnb listing in Bali, a room decorated to resemble a traditional Paris library and much more.

Visiting every space in Airbnb is like visiting another country and the business is a big fan of open offices. Vibrant and exciting Airbnb’s offices are a celebration of different cultures and styles and it would certainly be an amazing place to work.


San Francisco really is the home of the cool tech offices, isn’t it? Uber certainly stands alongside Airbnb as one of the coolest tech offices around today but it takes a very different approach to its design. So, what makes Uber’s home offices so special?

You’d think a business based on car hire would take a more rustic approach but Uber plays against convention with a sleek and modern office. But it cleverly incorporates plenty of car and mechanical touches into its design.

Many of the materials used in Uber’s offices are directly related to cars and other vehicles. Tires, concrete and hardened steel and are all used to great effect and there are even tinted windows as well. One of the best features is a tire tracked walking path that is used for tours and guided walks around the offices.


Found in Dallas, Texas the hardware and software company ImageNet have turned their office into a real work of art. It’s undoubtedly a very modern office with plenty of sleek space-aged designs but it also adds plenty of colour as well. 

Some of the coolest features include filing cabinets that have been transformed into LED pendant lights. Another room features orange suspended cubes that are representative of the cloud and blue circuit board like panels. With its mix of styles and colours and a dash of abstract art, ImageNet certainly as one of the coolest tech offices around today. 


We couldn’t really do a list of the coolest tech company offices without mentioning Google, now could we? But while Google does have plenty of cool offices all around the world the one that I like best as got to be the London offices.

Eccentric as got to be the best word to describe Google’s London offices, it is a wondrous mix of styles with hobby and games rooms, funky angular sofas, pool tables, and widescreen televisions. But it’s cool factor comes from more than just amazing game rooms and seating spaces.

The meeting rooms and workrooms are incredibly sci-fi inspired, neon lighting, a wondrous blend of colours and quirky furniture choices make it look like you’re walking around an alien spaceship. For many people working at Google is a dream and when you have a working environment like this it’s easy to see why.


YouTube’s HQ in San Bruno, California feels like a mad genius designed it and I mean that in the best possible sense. It’s got an incredibly adventurous quality to it, if you ask a group of children what their dream place to work would be you’ll probably get an answer that matches YouTube’s HQ.

So where do we start? Amongst the features of this crazy cool office is a swimming pool, miniature golf course and a giant red slide which you can use to traverse the building. Why you ask? Because why not.

There’s also a great selection of vending machines all around the building and an onsight gym. With so much on offer working at YouTube, can seem more like visiting an adventure park.

What Can We Learn From These Offices? 

These five offices (and there are plenty more examples like them) teach us that a business doesn’t have to be all work and no play. While these are taken to the extremes it does showcase how even small businesses can increase productivity by adding small fun design pieces around the place or simply trying out some more quirky designs.   

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